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In-person Appointments Available in AUSTIN.

I offer EXCLUSIVE  INTIMATE HOLISTIC  AWARENESS & DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS to those who have an interest in TANTRA.   If you’re someone who seeks to create a deeper, more meaningful intimate relationship and are willing to explore MIND BODY & ENERGY (rather than just address the physical) then keep reading!  Sessions incorporate COACHING & TRAINING with yogic breathing (and asana, if desired) and guided meditation, which CAN BE ENHANCED TO INCLUDE sensual energy~ body work.  The enhanced sessions, in addition to Tantric Coaching/Training, allow you to get clear mentally and emotionally and then let go of expectation, judgment, external constraint/pressure, and just experience your breath & body–without the thinking mind (Ego) going a hundred miles an hour.  The main intention here is to create a shift in your experience of your body, your relationships, and your life.  Please note: The Enhanced Session is NOT a traditional “Sensual Massage”.  

Who Am I?

  • I am a relationship and sex coach and Tantric trainer.  I’m someone who helps clients transform their intimate relationships, creating BALANCE and PASSION in life and in the bedroom.

What Do I Do?

  • I provoke conversations about dating, relationships, and sex, allowing clients to discover the source of personal and intimate challenges/frustrations.  From there, transformation and healing can occur.  I work with tools from sex/life coaching and tantric philosophy, which can include yoga, meditation, breath work, energy work, and body work to assist in the process.

Why Do I Do This?

  • I envision a world where people fully understand and appreciate their bodies, express their heart’s desires, and use their minds to create a life they LOVE.

What Can I Promise?

  • My promise is to empower your personal growth & fulfillment, and with competence and compassion, assist you in articulating and creating your unique version of Intimate Holistic Wellness.

Before you call and ask if I have time today, read a bit more about ME and my GIFTS.  And if what you seek is a “typical FBSM”, please look elsewhere as THIS is an ALTERNATIVE to that work.

Lastly, keep in mind that this is a professional service.  I only work with those who authentically want to explore TANTRA.  For in-person appointments, I work with clients in my home office/studio, so I require a phone interview to determine whom I welcome in.  Also, my fee is correlate to the type and level of service I provide, so consider what having a TRULY UNIQUE, AWAKENING, and POWERFUL experience (and LIFE) is worth to you.


 **Advanced Booking Suggested**

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Enhanced Session Rates:   

1 hour ~ $200              

90 minutes ~ $280        

2 hours ~ $360            

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