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In-person Appointments Available in AUSTIN.

I offer EXCLUSIVE SEXUAL INTIMACY AWARENESS & DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS to those who have an interest in TANTRA.   If you’re someone who seeks to create a deeper, more meaningful intimate relationship and are willing to explore MIND BODY & ENERGY (rather than just address the superficial) then keep reading!  Sessions incorporate coaching & training with The 4 Elements Relaxation practices: full-body breathing, guided meditation, and sensual energy work and (of course) massage.  This work allows you to get clear mentally and emotionally and then LET GO of expectation, judgment, external constraint/pressure, and just experience your breath & body–without the thinking mind (Ego) going a hundred miles an hour.  The main intention here is to transform your experience of your body, your sexual self, and your life.  Please note: This is NOT a “Body Rub”, but an AUTHENTIC  TANTRA session that includes SENSUAL MASSAGE.  

Before you call and ask if I have time today, read a bit more about ME and my GIFTS.  And if what you seek is a “typical FBSM”, please look elsewhere as THIS is an ALTERNATIVE to that work. Lastly, keep in mind that this is a professional service.  I only work with those who authentically want to explore TANTRA.  For in-person appointments, I work with clients in my home office/studio, so I require a phone interview to determine whom I welcome in.  Also, my fee is correlate to the type and level of service I provide, so consider what having a TRULY UNIQUE, AWAKENING, and POWERFUL experience (and LIFE) is worth to you. ~Colette~         

**Advanced Booking Suggested**

For Availability and Location CALL:


Tantra Session Rates:   

60 minutes ~ $200

90 minutes ~ $280        

2 hours ~ $360            

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